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Christmas light installation, gutter cleaning
What I Need:
I need to have my gutters cleaned and lights put up (I already have the lights custom made for my house).
What I'm Offering:
tutoring, editing, baking - WEDDING cakes, sewing, childcare
I'm a licensed teacher, working part-time as a tutor. I can tutor in any subjects k-12, and also many college level courses. Specializing in writing. I am also a baker, and have made several wedding cakes/cupcakes for various events. I work with fondant,
buttercream, ganache, and am experienced in making gluten free desserts as well. I can also sew, quilt, and can do garment repair. I'm a full time mom and could also do childcare/babysitting if needed.
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Portland, Oregon, United States
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Posted By: Monique B.
Date Posted: 11/12/2015
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