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Dental service
What I Need:
Several teeth need to be replaced - I don't know the proper procedure names, but I have a set of recent x-rays to make it clear.
What I'm Offering:
Web design, graphic design, writing
My graphic design portfolio: www.mjcanavan63.com As a designer/cartoonist/illustrator, I design and populate web sites, I create product development drawings, marketing materials, board games, logos, book designs, cartoons and comic strips, packaging,
billboards, presentations, photo manipulation and retouching. As a writer, I?ve published fiction and more than a dozen nonfiction workbooks on subjects such as autism, ADHD, depression, military reintegration, substance abuse, divorce for military members,
and many other happy topics for the Department of Defense, and others. I also write a great deal of commercial web content and marketing copy for a wide variety of businesses - real estate development, classic car brokerage, housing for veterans, medical (vitrectomy
recovery), automated farming, etc., and I ghostwrite biographies.
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Stockbridge, Massachusetts, United States
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Posted By: Michael C.
Massachusetts, United States
Date Posted: 8/13/2019
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