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What I Need:
I would like to exchange massages with a female, if possible on a regular basis. Must be able to host; of legal age proven with identification, and follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19. A good massage really does wonders! Would like to trade services. I
carry a lot of weight at work; on my feet most of the day. Muscles in legs and lower back are always tight. Must be female; as long as you enjoy what you do and can give a good massage, I?m in.
What I'm Offering:
There are many things I can offer. Let’s chat. Negotiable!
Massage in return (I do pretty well but I?m not professionally trained). I can offer deep tissue, Swedish massage, relaxing massage, specialized massages. I can also offer personal fitness/strength training, I am certified as a fitness instructor but willing
to work with you entirely as a friendly swap. You choose the type of massage and it can be also a fully customized mix of any or all of the above mentioned; including the physical training. The duration can be up to 2hrs, depending on the choice of massage
and specific training needs. I am COVID-19 vaccinated, just for your peace of mind.
Please Note: This swap requires you to be located near the following location:
Tallahassee and surrounding areas, Florida, United States
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Posted By: John B.
Florida, United States
Date Posted: 4/7/2021
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